Allow users to create globally visible collections

Mary Mcmahon 3 years ago in ADAM Core • updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 2

Currently, users must select each individual when sharing collections. It would be great if there was an option to create a collection, and make it globally available for all users within the system or within a specific user group. For example, many work groups have created collections that contain the logos for each chain, and have shared them with a few people. There's no business reason that these collections couldn't be created once, and shared more easily with a larger group of the ADAM user base.

This feature would also be helpful for users who simply do not know of the names/ids of everyone who may benefit from the collection.


One note on this request: if it is able to be implemented, having an option for users to sort/filter/hide collections they have access to will become imperative. If everyone's collections pages look like the Admins' collections pages, then user-friendliness plummets. 

security configurability collections, content groups

this is basically the use case we're targetting for sharing spaces on the new UI